Abbie Ross
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Phoenix ‘96


The Abbie Ross Spring/Summer 2020 Collection was inspired by the idea that we are each the phoenix, or hero, of our own lives. No matter the magnitude of the obstacles in our way, we must ignite a fire from within and fight for what we believe in. In doing so, however, we must never lose sight of our dignity, our humanity, or ourselves in the process. This unisex collection features a combination of sporty and elegant pieces. It celebrates the excellence of humanity, embracing all races, genders, and ethnicities to allow us to express our own, unique inner Phoenix.


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Rebel Eclipse


The Abbie Ross Fall/Winter 2019 Collection was inspired by the fact that now, more than ever, women are speaking out about the role we have held in society to change the outcome of “herstory.” This unisex collection features a juxtaposition of masculine and feminine pieces, united by straps with the slogan, “fight like a [girl] woman.”

Rebel Eclipse is for every woman who strives to fight against “just [being] a girl.” To fight to be recognized and respected for her individuality. To fight for the light that will guide the future of our daughters.

So let’s fight.


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